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Islam recognizes values of sex and advocates marriage. Islam does not believe in celibacy. Quran in Islam, marriage is considered as one of the essential element of adulthood in Islamic context. And marriage is also considered as an essentially a contract.

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In Islam, both Muslim men and women must satisfy certain conditions before one can go into marriage. The conditions include:. It is necessary to exclude illicit sex and to safeguard legitimacy of progeny. It is recommended that marriage should be widely publicized.

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Dowry should be estimated according to the circumstances with emphasis on moderation. The prophet S. Marriage is usually a group affair and the ceremony involves, besides the couple and their immediate relations distant kinsfolk, neighbors and friends. Nor is their involvement limited to the ceremony.

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  5. It is necessary during the preliminary negotiations which culminate in the ceremony. That is why it is said that. Ghanaian marriage is between families and not individuals. This view has added significance because in our extended system, the interest of the relatives in the marriage means that the two families have become affirnal real kin of the two sides.

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    The word dowry is often used to refer to the practice among many Africans peoples of giving some goods in exchange for a wife, but strictly speaking, dowry is the money, or the property a woman brings to her husband at marriage. The consideration paid by the bride should be within the limit of the bride and should be recommended by Islam advocates and confined within the teachings of Islam. The importance of the dowry bride price, bride health can not be overemphaised.

    The bride price is never seen traditionally as payment for the girl, but as an indemnity to the family kpiebaya , payment of the dowry bride price, bride health is a symbolic of the marriage procedure and finally legalize the marriage contract. Once the bride price has been paid by the bride, it confers sexual rights on both parties. Since lslam discourage celibacy.

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    It is offered by the parents of the married couple, by their friends, or by the newly married couple themselves. Friends, relatives, and neighbors are usually invited. This food reception should be within the means of the couple and recommended by lslam.

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    He answered: l got married. Make a Walimah, even with only sheep. In human life, every human being good through three 3 importance stages in life and each of these stages is marked with celebration and other financial commitment. The stages include:. The celebration of these activities should not bring any hardship to those performing them.

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    In conclusion marriage is a religious right for Muslim brothers and sisters and this has been recommended by the messenger of Allah S. Every community and every religion have its own personal low, which decides what is right and wrong tradition? Now India facing triple talaq issue in the Muslim community.

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    Especially, Muslim religion women are so much worst effect by triple talaq problem. It is a very old tradition. It is a form of divorce.

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    Muslims women are always afraid of this triple talaq. This type of tradition is practicing in India. Only small matter, male dominant gives threat triple talaq. As Muslims community can legally divorce his wife by pronounced three times talaq. Pronouncement can be oral or written.

    Today youth is misusing the law and they use social platforms like telephone, SMS, Facebook, etc. The life of women and children gets destroyed. A divorced woman may not remarry her divorce husband unless she first marries another man called nikaha halala. When Narendra Modi started a campaign for Uttar Pradesh election , Muslims women raise the issue in that government should find out any solution of it. The amount to be paid as mehr is normally decided before or after or at the time of the marriage ceremony.

    The amount of mehr depends upon the social position, descent, age, intelligence, beauty and other qualities of the bride. A wife can voluntarily agree to reduce the amount or make a gift of whole of it to her husband or to his heirs. There is no maximum limit for that.

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    As per the Islamic law, the wife has absolute right over the mehr amount. The minimum specified amount cannot be less than ten dinars. The amount given here normally depends upon the financial position of the husband. Published in Topics. I'm Chris! Would you like to get a custom essay?